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Promoting Positivity

The world is full of positivity.  Yes, that is a word, no need to redline my writing there, autocorrect.  There are examples of it everywhere you go, from your loved ones, friends, neighbors, organizations; positivity is everywhere!  Good deeds go unnoticed everyday, beautiful acts of courage and strength happening around us at every moment.  Do you ever witness a kind act and say to yourself, "wow, I wish that would be on the news tonight?, the world isn't such a terrible place."  I know I do.  I look through a lens of positivity and kindness when I view the world, and see and feel the beauty of peaceful human interaction.  

So why, at times, does it seem like the world is full of negativity?  Why is there so much hate?  The coverage of these types of negative events is upon us at every corner, while listening to the radio, turning on the TV, viewing our Twitter and Facebook feeds, reading articles on the internet, and listening to our evening news.  My local news the other night was carrying a robbery story from another State.  Just think about that, there could of been thousands of wonderful positive things that have happened in our community, and the news chose to air a horrific one from another State.  This type of bombardment of negativity is a reality we all face, and we all have to deal with everyday in some capacity.  But is it a reality of the world around us?  Are our communities really ALL this drastically filled with hate, crime, violence, judgment, and discourse ALL the time?  No. Absolutely not.  Do these terrible events occur?  Yes.  Are there people working diligently everyday to combat and prevent these problems?  Yes.  Are there hundreds even thousands of events, engagements, dialogues, and interactions in our communities that promote togetherness, morality, kindness, and positive regard?  Yes.  And that is what gets lost sometimes in mix of all of this.  Perspective.  

So, on that note.  I am going to dedicate my blog to promoting positivity.  Promoting positive things and events that I have witnessed or read about.  It will serve as a reminder of all the wonderful things life has to offer, and how you have inspired us.

-Dr. Dana


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